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Wisdom is the ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding and insight.

Wisdom is the ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding and insight.

A startup By IIT & IIM Alumni, Wisdom 360 upholds the belief that success is preparation meeting opportunity.

Not preparing, but empowering 'knowledge enthusiasts' from classes V to XII, for major boards such as CBSE, ICSE & ISC and so on, is a challenge and responsibility we take on our shoulders with pride.

To inculcate it, brain-based learning is not enough. Thus, at Wisdom360 we put into practice comprehensive learning theories, to make training work for our students. We employ the simple, yet distinctive formula of work and workout, to not achieve but to construct results.



















  • To facilitate a healthy learning environment for stress-free education.
  • To not just be any tutorial center focused on board exam preparation. But to provide an experimental learning space where students are empowered to handle any situation stress-free, independent of guidance, through complete structural knowledge.

  • Self learning techniques along with exclusive and regular counselling to eliminate exam pressure
  • Relevant well-researched and all-inclusive study material with well designed execution plan
  • Analysis of learning curve of each student and 360 Degree feedback, Holistic progression of the student
  • Optimum teacher student ratio for personal attention to each student
  • Top class infrastructure, Smart classes and 1:1 doubt classes

  • We aspire to make presentation for competitive exams affordable
  • Employ best teaching practices to avoid stress in students
  • Assure access to the most competent teaching faculty
  • Emphasis on strong basics so that any exam pattern can be attempted with ease
  • To encourage students to start early for a robust foundation and thus, ensuring success in board and competitive exams


  • Scoring a 100 leads to 'breakdown' for many students each year, as they continue to define success through a mere number. For us, 100 is not a number, to us it means 'breakthrough' which is possible only by creation of genuine desire to learn. 100 is an attitude, not necessarily defined by aptitude. We at Wisdom360, keep it 100. Keep it real. The rest joy of learning.

  • Success to us is not scoring the highest, it is a salute to your capacity to 'make a difference'.

  • We have trust in our intent and implementation techniques to bring out the best of your child's potential.

  • Why do we teach you may ask? Learning is a lifelong process. So, we follow a solid classic principle of 'Watch. Learn. Teach.' as the best way to enhance our own learning. Only the exceptional excel and to be/do that 'Learning the art of learning' is important. Thus, at Wisdom360 we share not to think but how to think.

  • Our logo represents a sapling growing from a seed, rooted in the womb of earth. We, at Wisdom360 aspire to nurture young minds which are deep rooted in knowledge, firmly held together by right attitude and values, so that new ideas of tomorrow and a beautiful future can bloom.


Wisdom360's curriculum is based on the cumulative syllabus of board exams like ICSE, IB and CBSE. Strong basics of Science and Mathematics are developed at the right age and time and a habit of enquiry is inculcated, which is essential for mastery in any subject. We believe in habituating students for regular study as per schedule. A conceptual framework and understanding of functional significance of each subject is taught, leaving no scope for weak concepts.

Our tests driven approach for in-depth analysis coupled with regular feedback, evaluates students both on their scholastic & non-scholastic abilities. We emphasize associative & active learning and applied knowledge contrary to rote learning, which is a memorization technique based on repetition.

We provide application of Digital Media for easier comprehension and accessibility of information. This builds a strong foundation for Grades IX to XII. We familiarize students with the exam writing strategies, handling exam pressures, and encourage participation in Olympiads. This course is all inclusive of comprehensive support study material, worksheets and tests.


Weekly Schedule

18 Hours a week

  • access_time Timings 4:30 - 6:30 PM (Monday to saturday) and classes in Day Time on Sunday
  • check_circle 8 Hours teaching on weekdays and sunday
  • check_circle 6 Hours doubt/revision/practice and test
  • check_circle Special classes can be arranged for an optional subject as per the requirement

Wisdom360's curriculum is designed exclusively for board exams like CBSE, IB and ICSE as per the recommendations of the experts from respective boards. We conduct subjective type test (strictly according to board syllabus and pattern] as well as objective tests based on formats like multiple choice questions, true/false & fill in the blanks to revise the concepts in proper and timely manner. This proactive preparedness also helps students being stress-free during the UT/WT/Term and Yearly Exams.

Special workshops are conducted for NTSE and Olympiads. A perfect ratio of personalized learning imparted by teachers, and self learning enabled by technology such as relevant videos and supporting power point presentations, is employed for a balanced approach. Regular tests prove resourceful in gauging a student's understanding of the simple as well as tough concepts.


Weekly Schedule

16 Hours a week

  • access_time Timings 4:30 - 7:00 PM (Monday to saturday) and classes in Day Time on Sunday
  • check_circle 10 Hours teaching on alternative days and sundays
  • check_circle 6 Hours doubt/revision/practice and test
  • check_circle Special classes can be arranged for an optional subject as per the requirement

Our aim is not to merely transfer data but to hold interactive sessions for a clear understanding of concepts in detail. Best practice shared by toppers besides key points of intervention, i.e. subject matter experts, offers added advantage. This is topped by our digital library which is an individualized learning platform enabling realization of higher learning goals.

A systematic study structure, comprehensive learning material and regular tests combined with communicative approach rather than purely theoretical, ensures a high score card for our students, Special sessions/workshops on time management, stress management, the art of problem solving, orientation and counselling for various competitive examinations are held on a regular basis. After board exams, we also assist our students for admission in the colleges (national and/or international).


Weekly Schedule

18 Hours a week

  • access_time Timings 4:30 - 7:30 PM (Monday to saturday) and classes in Day Time on Sundays
  • check_circle 12 Hours teaching on weekdays and sunday
  • check_circle 6 Hours doubt/revision/practice and test
  • check_circle Special classes can be arranged for an optional subject as per the requirement


Award by The Honourable Governor of UPmore_vert
Award by The Honourable Governor of UPclose

Felicitation of Dr. Upendra Tripathi, Director- WISDOM 360 by The Honourable Governor of UP Shri Ram Naik Ji

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Dr. Upendra Tripathi receiving Award at The Times of India

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Dr. Upendra Tripathi as a Chief Guest in the anuual function of Delhi Public School

During a "Career Counseling " Session at Kasganj Etah.more_vert

During a "Career Counseling " Session at Kasganj Etah. Other dignitaries are Prof Manoj Jha, M P (Rajyasabha, Night) and Shri Anshuman Yadav Ji (IG, Bhopal). Shri Arun Pathak Ji (Owner, PlushDoor. com) and Dr Upendra Tripathi (Director, Wisdom360).


Wisdom360 is awarded by the marvelous record book of India for providing high quality education channel through Wisdom360

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Since past two years, Wisdom360 has created a new history of success, taking education to the next level.
By Hindustan Times
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Wisdom360 in News
Focuses on how to learn rather what to learn
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I commend the work of Wisdom 360 and it’s leadership in preparing the students from an all round perspective. Upendra ji Tripathi sir has leveraged his knowledge and experience of IIT education and teaching to address the personality development of the students who attend the coaching. I am a professor in the US for the last 18 years and have worked in the US corporate world before that and have had the experience of personally observing Tripathi Sir’s teaching commitment and effectiveness via Skype to help a high school student studying in the US. He addresses the need to strengthen the core fundamentals of any discipline and then trains the student to build upon it. This also helps in building the student’s confidence. I have been involved in reviewing applications of college students as a professor in the US and I know that Sir Tripathi is preparing the students in the right direction. I have visited the location in Lucknow where classes are conducted and have been encouraged to personally recommend that during summer holidays US children who have roots in Lucknow can gain a lot by attending Wisdom 360 classes. This institution is truly built upon wisdom and commitment to address the overall development of the students.

Professor Rashmi Jain
Department Chair
Information Systems and Business Analytics Feliciano School of Business, New Jersey, USA

Wisdom 360 is an extraordinary institute. The teachers’ devotion to their respective subjects is how they are able to simplify vast concepts and equip us with memory tricks and tips. The method of teaching is unique; making the best use of the most advance technology caters to students of all mental calibers. Every student is paid individual attention. Regular tests ensured timely identification of problem areas and taking up the necessary steps for improvement. The timely and much appreciated help is what gave me the self confidence to excel. The well furnished library creates a serene and peaceful environment. Upendra Sir’s absolute command in physics is awe-inspiring. Owing to his proficiency in physics, he is able to knit various concepts of physics and reduce them. Moreover the wise words from all the teachers will be the guiding light in all my future endeavors.

Mihika Chitranshi
Mathematics Honours (2018-22) LSR

I really appreciate and cherish the association with WISDOM 360. I would appreciate and congratulate all the faculties and members of management for the grand success in academic year 2017-18 with flying colors in results. Especially I would like to mention the name of the founder member Mr Upendra Tripathi for his wisdom and excellence to carry the responsibility to the highest level of expectations. The zeal of faculties to solve the doubts to the level of satisfaction of each and every student was amazing. The institute is finely placed in a very good environment friendly locality totally safe from all angles. The airy class rooms with all hygienic measures are rarely seen in other institute. I once again appreciate and congratulate the team 'WISDOM 360' for marvelous result for 2017- 18 and all future endeavors.

Muskan Rana
B Tech, Computer Science (2018-22) IIIT, KOTTAYAM

As aN IIT JEE aspirant, one would definitely choose the best coaching institute for preparation. "WISDOM 360" turned out to be a spectrum of all the qualities that I needed for JEE preparation. The atmosphere is disparate from most of the coaching institutes. The students can study on their own in groups or in solitude. This is important because every child has a different method of learning. After all, we are like snowflakes, not all of the same size and shape and hence different in our own ways. The library is full of books for all standards. Be it the beginner level or stretching all the way up to the advanced levels. The teachers understand the requirements of every student and believe in the concept of letting them delve into topics as deep as they can, hence providing food to their creative minds. It is a lively place to learn and enhance your skills. Lastly I would like to mention the name of the founder member Mr. Upendra Tripathi and thank him for constantly motivating all the students towards their goals and giving perfect guideline to each and every student.

Gracy Kureel
87.0% ( XII - CBSE ) GD Goenka, Lucknow
B Tech, Textile (2018-22), IIT DELHI

Success is not mere hard work it’s more of smart work. This is what is taught as at Wisdom 360. Sometimes students work hard but they do not succeed because they lack proper planning and good strategies. Every student is different and different plans work for different people. This is where I feel Wisdom 360 surpasses other institutions. At Wisdom 360 teachers know each student very well. They know their capabilities and areas where they lack. This way they can make effective strategies for every student to overcome their weaknesses. The other thing that I feel good about Wisdom 360 is it’s atmosphere. The atmosphere always keeps students motivated. They rarely lose confidence. Apart from classroom study, Wisdom 360 stresses on self study which makes a student less dependent on teacher. Student can come at any time sit and study. Personally, I feel study is better than classroom teaching. Things that one learns on its own are more understood and retained for a longer duration. Wisdom 360 contains all facilities like library, internet, video lectures etc, which helps students to study in an interactive and interesting manner. Apart from studies Wisdom 360 organises different workshops and activites to keep students interested in studies. Wisdom 360 has a large community of students and teachers from different fields which helps students to pursue and choose career of their interests. I would like to mention a special vote of thanks to Upendra Tripathi sir for helping and guiding students in the best possible manner. His view that education should be provided to everyone at price they can afford is appreciable. His efforts to spread education among the poor is the rarest of the things that people do nowadays.

Mohd Atif
96.2% ( XII - CBSE ), Manipal School, Lucknow
B Tech , Electrical (2017-21) IIT Delhi

I prepared for IIT JEE in 2016-17 at Wisdom 360 under the tutelage of Upendra Tripathi Sir. I used to reside in Delhi and attended a premier coaching institute there. Regardless, the amazing teaching methodology and the competitive environment that I experienced at Wisdom 360 motivated me to travel all the way to Lucknow and study Physics from Upendra Sir. The classrooms and library resources are state of the art and condusive to the preparation. I really appreciated the one to one interaction that the faculty members used to have with us to clear all our doubts and make sure that none of the students are left behind. The test series of Wisdom 360 is very competitive and is at par with the JEE level.

Gauri Chaturvedi
95.5% ( XII - CBSE ) Sanskriti School, Delhi

Wisdom 360 is one of the few institutes which provide a holistic approach towards gaining success in any competitive exam. Not only the academic but mental stress is catered to as well, by the able teachers. The teachers help develop an attitude to tackle questions along with learning concepts. Specially Upendra Sir's amazing grip on Physics and his vast experience with the psychology of the students plays a huge role in the success of the institute.

Vanchhana Srivastava
96.0% ( XII-CBSE ), DPS, Indira Nagar, Lucknow
MBBS (2017-22) BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur

A student of any stream, be it Arts, Commerce or Science, needs an extra preparation for boards to score marks above average. "WISDOM 360" has helped in ways that no other coaching or institute ever will.The ambiance and the level of training I got here is par excellence. WISDOM 360 is one coaching center where u get an all rounder practice session. Lastly I want to thank the founder member Mr. Upendra Tripathi sir for making me understand the true meaning of gaining knowledge as earlier I only used to do rote learning( true fact). He is an inspiration for me.

Anshu Sachan
97.75% (ISC), CMS Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Nominated for DST Scholarship of worth Rs 4 Lacs

If education is imparted as a burden on students then it is not serving its purpose. There is a lot of difference between making people literate and educating them. The main aim of the education should be to make children reallze their aim and cherish their effort towards it. And what I feel is, Wisdom 360 is far far ahead than any other institution in imparting this very feeling. Dr. Upendra Tripathi, founder manager of this very institution with all his faculty focuses on educating the students which not only produces wonderful results in all fields but also make them a good human being. I thank Dr. Upendra Tripathi and all his faculty members in shaping me too, without his guidance I would not have achieved what I have. Thank u Wisdom 360

Anoop Jaiswal
90.2% ( XII - CBSE ), UP Sainik School, Lucknow
Indian Army Office Technical Entry Scheme (2017-18)

Wisdom 360 is truly a symbol of excellence and perfection. Teachers' enthusiasm towards problem solving, helping, and guiding students to achieve their goal is extraordinary. Upendra sir's special involvement in our problems and innovative ideas to develop methodology of teaching helped us to focus on both board and competitive exams. Air conditioned and well furnished classes made us comfortable. Regular doubt classes to clear any query were available all the time. Wisdom 360 is a right place for a student to develop and prosper.

Kajal Pandey
B Tech, Computer Science (2018-22) BANASTHALI VIDYAPEETH

The toughest task after boards is to decide what to do and which college to go to. A teacher like Upendra Sir and a place like Wisdom 360 is the perfect combination for a successful decision. Upendra Sir helped me score well and focus on my dreams. He inspired me to do what my heart told me to and be the best at whatever I do. Wisdom 360 helps in overall development and motivates you to live a life you won’t need vacation from.

Tina Tyagi
81.0% ( XII -CBSE ),Study Hall School, Lucknow
Mass Communication (2017-20) Bennett Coleman University, Noida

Clarity of vision is the key to achieve one's goal. WISDOM 360 helped me in choosing the right path to achieve my goal. The teachers of WISDOM 360 have always focused on how to think rather than what to think. Upendra Sir always supported me at every step and was available whenever I needed. Best thing which I loved about WISDOM 360 is that we learn more on our own rather than being forced to learn. Here at WISDOIVI 360, we learn the art of handling more complex situations in most simple manner.

Sarvesh Patel


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